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Nicholson Smith & Partners, specializes in offering high quality legal services at reasonable rates for many of your civil litigation and personal injury needs.

Let Nicholson Smith & Partners put our expertise and years of experience to work for you. There is no charge to learn if we can help you with your civil litigation needs. Please contact us by e-mail or call our office to arrange your free initial consultation.

The lawyers of Nicholson Smith & Partners pride themselves on providing aggressive, professional and practical representation on a variety of litigation issues such as motor vehicle accidents or other personal injury claims and wrongful death cases, professional negligence, product liability, insurance claims, commercial litigation, employment law and disability claims.

The lawyers of Nicholson Smith & Partners have appeared before all levels of the Court of Ontario, including the Court of Appeal, and the Supreme Court of Canada. They have also appeared before many administrative tribunals such as the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board, Ontario Labour Relations Board, Canada Pension Plan Appeal Tribunal, and the Financial Services Commission of Ontario.

Individuals injured in car accidents, harmed by negligence or other traumatic events often face many difficulties. They typically face the reality of ongoing pain and loss resulting from an injury, as well as the financial hardship which often accompanies such an unforeseen event. To compound their difficulties, these individuals are often required to navigate through a complex and sometimes confusing maze of legal and insurance related issues. At Nicholson Smith & Partners, we are committed to providing effective, caring and compassionate legal representation to help our clients through these difficult times.